_John LennonThis is way outside our wheelhouse, but nevertheless worthy of note. After years of uncritically embracing Beatles songs, it has been brought to our attention that occasionally, like all mortals, they could—and resoundingly did—suck.


Here’s an example: a recording of John Lennon singing the (deservedly) rare “India India.” No complaints about the quality—it’s a home recording when home was the fabled Dakota. Instead it’s the…the…song.  It has the saccharine lyrics and predictable tune one would associate with your average moony high school senior, not John Lennon in 1980.


To be fair, since this is 1980 and Lennon solo, it’s not truly a Beatles song. Except it is.


(Feel free to weigh in with your own favorite non-favorite Beatles songs.)

Photo: Lennon rehearsing, by Roy Kerwood, via Wikimedia Commons.