We started publishing Recreati in the late summer of 2011. Our intent was to gather up useful and encouraging information about outdoor recreation–biking, running, kayaking, camping, surfing, skiing, snorkeling, diving, more as it comes to mind–for people over 50. We have particular interests, and sometimes particular concerns, that can be overlooked in other media, which seem to believe that the outdoors belongs to the young, ultra-buff and lucky.

Our inspiration?  The middle-aged surfer, the bike-shorts-wearing granny, the camper with a titch of lower back pain. Those fortunate enough to have the time, the enthusiasm, the health and (not incidentally) the resources to get out there and enjoy. It’s a big group, and it’s getting bigger.

Over time, we hope to evolve the site to include other interests because most of us olds eventually recognize that our fun is not enough, that life still holds more challenge than just beating your PR in  a 5K or skiing more vertical today than you did yesterday.  Yes, we’re retired. But there’s still work to be done.