The Spokesman

As people age, they seem to transition from passionate soul to old crank. At least the lucky ones, who have been blessed or cursed with  something they love. Or are obsessed with. (The distinction gets hazy with some passions and some people.)


Call it anything you like. We are in love with/obsessed by people who have both the single-mindedness of a deep passion and the generosity of time and spirit to share it with others. OK, let’s walk that back a bit: we are attracted to people who are deeply attracted to things that we are also attracted to, especially if they will educate and entertain us. But don’t block the door. Because, honestly, too much of a good thing can be deadly.


Photojournalist Dean Saffron has done us a favor by putting together this video profile of fellow Australian James MacDonald and his personal collection of bicycles. A lot of world history and personal narrative, crammed into three minutes. Recommended.

Photo: screen grab from “The Spokesman.”